Drilling Waste Management

Drill Cuttings Storage and Conveying

Drill Cuttings Processing to less 0.5% TPH





Oil Refinery Waste

Oil Tank Sludge extraction

Oil Sludge Reclamation 

Oil Sludge Solids Processing




Tyre Waste

Tyre Pyrolysis 

End of life Tyres processed to

Carbon Black

Deisel Oil





William Curle Developments provides innovative engineered  solutions for Bulk Solid Wastes within many sectors globally. From the Oil and Gas offshore industry to Waste Tyre. William Curle Developments provides an in-depth service tailored to the clients requirements.


Our range of services and products for Bulk Solids includes:

  • Project Management
  • Process System, Design and Build
  • Existing System, trouble shooting
  • Patented Technology offered as solution
  • Product Development
  • System Design Review
  • Process Plant Complete Design and Build Solutions
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