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Innovative award winning bespoke bulk soilds Conveying, Storage and Processing Products

Pneumatic Conveying

Neu-Con™ pneumatic conveying systems.

William Curle Developments has a range of, patented, standard dense phase conveying equipment at the heart of which is the   Neu-Con

Blow Pot designed and tailor made to the clients exact requiments.


ISO Bulk Tank

HoneyComb™is range of patented standard container size ISO tanks for difficult to handle products such as offshore drill cuttings, the units come in various modes. 20’ vertical ISO frame, 20’ and 30’ horizontal ISO frame. These units have the ability to store product and also presurise up and pneumatically discharge. These units are certified for transport by road, rail and sea for hazardous and no hazardous bulk materials.William Curle Developments can also supply ISO tanks for dry products such as cement, flour, PFA etc. These units come in 20’, 30’ and 40’ standard tank container sizes. 

Bulk Storage

Storage Silos  Designed to exacting standards, William Curle Developments Ltd   Design storage silos in various diameters and capacities and are considered to be among the best in the industry.  Manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, the silos can be constructed as a bolted design or a totally fabricated structure, this very much depends on the application. Options available include vertical ladders, intermediate rest platforms, double safety hand-railing, access hatches, level probes, etc. William Curle Developments are at the cutting edge of bulk storage technology with its Honeycomb base system and other innovative developments.


Thermal Processing

Therm-X™ is thermal desorption process with the unique use of induction heating, which results in a game changing technology that brings greater efficiency and costs benefit to drilling of oil and gas wells by removal of the bottleneck in the treatment of drill cuttings.

If is used in the processing of:

  • Drill Cuttings
  • Oil Sludge
  • End of Life Tyres
  • Waste Plastics


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The Honey Comb Base technology for the storage and conveying of offshore drill cuttings in the Oil and Gas sector was awarded the Spotlight ward at OTC in Houston. The system is used globaly for drill cuttings storage and transport rig to shore and also to feed drill cuttings thermal processing on drilling rigs.

The Therm-X thermal processing technology was awarded a SE Smart funding award for the further development of the process. The system is used for:

  • The cleaning of offshore drill cuttings.
  • The cleaning of solids contaminated with hydrocardons.
  • The pyrolysis of end of life tyres.
  • The pyrolysis of plastics. 
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