"We develop bulk solids conveying and process technologies from concept through to full commercialisation." 

William Curle Developments has a number of unique patented technolgies.

These include:

HCB Tanks for Oil and Gas Drill Cuttings

Therm-X for Cleaning Drill Cuttings

AST for Bulk Solids Storage and Conveying

Pyr-X for the Pyrolysis of Tires and Plastics

William Curle Developments Ltd provides

  • expert development in all phases of technology development
  • a team of specialists for different aspects of the project  
  • broad coverage of engineering disciplines
  • personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics
  • Commercialisation route to market

Proven track record

Our previous projects have received a number of awards and nominations from organisations such as OTC, SE Smart, ITF.

If you are interesed in finding out more about what we do please call William Curle

Please contact us on +44(0)7917304420


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